Domestic Violence and Abuse

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Domestic Violence and Abuse

Domestic violence/abuse covers a wide range of behaviour such as pestering, harassment, intimidation, threats and use of violence, emotional, financial, and sexual abuse and verbal abuse. This list is not exhaustive. Many people, male and female, experience domestic violence throughout their relationship or on the breakdown of a relationship. Domestic violence is a criminal offence and nobody should feel they have to put up with such behaviour.

If you have experienced domestic abuse you can report this to the Police who are under a duty to investigate and can caution or charge the perpetrator. At Maria Fogg family law we can provide you with expert legal advice regarding injunctions. A Non-Molestation Order prevents further abuse. An Occupation Order allows the victim to remain in the home and an Order that the perpetrator of the violence leave the home.

Maria is an Advanced Family Panel Solicitor with regards to domestic abuseand fully understands the impact such behaviour has on the victim and the children. At Maria Fogg Family Law we will do all we can to help and protect you and your family.

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