Legal Aid, Costs and Convenient Appointments

Legal Costs

  1. Legal Aid is still available subject to financial eligibility. At Maria Fogg Family Law we can offer Legal Aid to clients who are financially eligible. If you are the victim of domestic abuse, experiencing difficulties with the local authority or social worker regarding your children or child protection issues you are likely to be eligible for legal aid. We can calculate your eligibility for Legal Aid at your first appointment. It is important that you bring to the first appointment 3 months bank statements, a letter from the Jobcentre confirming your entitlement to benefits or your recent wage slips and evidence of your Tax Credit Award.
  2. To keep your costs down we provide a special rate for first consultation. As we have no flash offices our overheads are low and we can pass on this benefit directly to our clients by guaranteeing you Best Rates and affordable Expert Family Law Advice.
  3. If you have an injunction, non-molestation order or restraining order and are financially eligible you are likely to secure legal aid for all aspects of family law such as divorce, financial/property and child matters etc

Convenient appointments

At Maria Fogg Family Law we understand how difficult it is to take valuable time off work or arrange child care to attend appointments with solicitors in office hours to get the expert family law advice you need. We offer:

  1. Convenient appointments.
  2. We provide swift expert family law advice and legal documents through IT computer system and email services. There is no need to wait for the postman to arrive.
  3. You receive expert family law advice from an Experienced Advanced Family Panel Solicitor Accredited by the Law Society and our dedicated experienced and qualified legal team.
  4. We fully understand the trauma and turmoil of divorce, separation and family disputes and provide a sensitive, understanding and friendly approach to help clients through one of life’s most difficult times and onto a happier future.
  5. We strive to perfect our client care services. We are not like other law firms. We do all we can to provide affordable access to expert legal advice.

Please contact us for further information and advice.